Certified Professional Doula Training (200 Hr Program)

What is the Certified Professional Doula (CPD) Training?

The CPD training program is a 200 hour doula training program that will prepare the student to begin work as a professional doula upon completion of the program. The program will be a true full spectrum training with topics that include the physical stages and emotional implications for pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period; appropriate support measures for each of those stages; infant development, nutrition and feeding guidelines; appropriate medical protocols; family and sibling support; sleep support; providing support through abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth; running a doula business, and much more.  AlloTribe values a high standard and commitment to professionalism and will emphasize these foundations throughout the program. 

Topics covered include but are limited to: 

  • Physical stages, emotional implications, and support measures for:

    • pregnancy​

    • labor

    • birth

    • postpartum period

  • infant development

  • nutrition and feeding guidelines

  • appropriate medical protocols

  • family and sibling support

  • sleep support

  • providing support through:

    • abortion​

    • miscarriage

    • stillbirth

  • running a doula business ​

How is the CPD Training different from others? 

Unique to this program is the opportunity to gain both academic knowledge and hands on experience. Through role play, skill building, critical thinking exercises, volunteer experience, and small business training and preparation, you will be prepared to practice confidently as a trained professional doula. This program has been developed in conjunction with family care providers, medical professionals and educational specialists. 

The program is meant to be completed in one college semester (16 weeks). Class will meet once a week for 4 hours, for 15 weeks. There will be one week with a break (spring/fall), making the total 16 weeks. Through a partnership with local hospitals, a 60 hour volunteer requirement is outside of class time and will be scheduled on your own time. Additionally, approx. 80 hours of coursework/homework and modules will be completed outside of class time. 

Current Open Registrations


Classes Begin:

January 27, 2020

**Make sure you have an uploadable copy of your personal and professional recommendation letters before you start your application. They are required to submit.** 

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