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About AlloTribe Training Academy

The AlloTribe Academy is a subsidiary of AlloTribe, LLC, and was created to provide comprehensive, professional trainings; continuing education classes; and other professional development courses for doulas and other family care providers. Built upon the core values of AlloTribe, the Academy stands to elevate the profession of doulas with a commitment to a high standard of excellence in care, continuing education and building a strong community. 

About AlloTribe 

AlloTribe is a full spectrum agency supporting families from womb-to-two and beyond. We offer services ranging from family planning, getting ready for your baby, in home support and education once your baby has arrived, mother care, daddy care, to support for growing families.


We work with you and your family to create a customized plan and schedule to meet your needs at whatever stage you are in. Our team is comprised of birth doulas, postpartum doulas, night nannies, newborn care specialists, and other family care providers to meet all your needs. 

In addition to being a full spectrum agency, AlloTribe was also built to provide professional development, community, and support to the greater doula and birth community in Colorado. We have a professional network designed to work with providers supporting new families for networking, trusted referrals, and to provide continuity of care across the board. AlloTribe also has an affiliate network which provides professional development, community, and back-up support to solo practice doulas with the goal of elevating the profession and extending the average lifespan of the professional doula.

Meet the Instructors
Terri Lind
Sarah Lind
Sarah Murane
Heather Johnson
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